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on 20 Ottobre 2019

Relbo, always ready to offer innovative and customized solutions in automation processes for the die casting foundry sector, offers the possibility of using lubrication robots.

This type of application gives the possibility to have a range of customizations on the movements, aimed at reaching any point of the mold, satisfying the production needs. Relbo spraying systems on robots are available in different types depending on the application and the size of the die-casting machine.

Using the concept of liquid and air distribution (identical to that used for traditional sprayers) on the robot sprays we can mount heads dedicated to specific molds studied by Relbo or "standard" heads normally used on lubricators.

This peculiarity allows to have a total work flexibility, moving the mold and the lubrication head, from one machine to another.

All lubrication heads can be equipped with more liquids (max. 3) plus additional air circuit for additional blowing for quick mold drying after lubrication. The lubrication cycle can be divided by single line and within the line, divided by bands (normally three, central and two autonomous sides).

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